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Custom WordPress Theme Development

Original price was: $1,000.00.Current price is: $800.00.

Key features:

  • FULL mobile Responsive design.
  • Easy to use.
  • SEO friendly website
  • Page Loading time to minimal.
  • Website Maintenance service
  • Completely Secured and user-friendly admin panel
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A Custom WordPress Theme can be developed to fit the design objectives of the customer and be reusable. As a result, we can not only design a WordPress site but also create a (reusable) theme. Our experience in creating commercially marketable themes means that almost anything can be done.

 Additionally, you should not feel constrained by using templates and be able to decide for yourself what you want to create. This will require considerable coding skills and web development knowledge. You don’t know anything about it. By developing a PSD to WordPress Theme with a high level of quality, we will be able to create a theme that includes all the necessary functions.

Finally, you are ready to create your own WordPress theme. And you can use your skills to develop your custom WordPress theme (in 5 steps), for example

  • Style.css: Contains custom CSS comments to let WordPress know what your theme looks like. You will also use it to style your theme with custom CSS.
  • Index.php: Indicates what the theme’s HTML and general output will look like. It contains data used for outputting your home page.
  • Header.php: Specifies a specific area of your website that can hold important information, including the <head> tag as well as the opening <html>, <body>, and ,<div class=”container”> headings.
  • Footer.php: The footer will close all opening tags specified in the header, as well as allowing wp_footer() to be called.
  • Functions.php: Provides access to functions, using PHP with integrated WordPress, and allows you to define your own functions to customize how WordPress behaves.

We like to work alongside our customers to ensure your WordPress theme development runs smoothly based on our experience. It will be revealed to you to work with us for a long period of time, our in-depth platform knowledge will yield greater benefits.

Service Features:

  • FULL mobile Responsive design.
  • Easy to use.
  • SEO friendly website
  • Page Loading time to minimal.
  • Website Maintenance service
  • Completely Secured and user-friendly admin panel
  • High-Quality Content 
  • SEO Plugin
  • Contact form 7
  • Woocommerce Shop Page and Others
  • Header footer builder
  • Blog Content
  • Custom Elementor Addons
  • Custom Widgets
  • Theme Options
  • Full-width page
  • Left Sidebar Page
  • Right Sidebar page
  • Full-width Blog
  • Grid View Blog
  • Grid Lift SIdebar
  • Grid Right Sidebar
  • List Blog View
  • List Left Sidebar
  • List Right Sidebar
  • Preloader 
  • Support Audio, Video, Gallery On Blog Post
  • Megamenu Supported
  • Advanced Typography Options
  • Integrated Google Map
  • Include Theme Options.
  • Flat icons font Include
  • RTL Support with WPML
  • Others as your requirement

It takes a lot of skill and dedication to create a custom WordPress theme from scratch. This process might not be as hard as you thought it would be. Anyone can create a new theme by using the Codex documentation to break down the process into stages.




There is no exact method, but the five methods in the article can be followed.

No, but if you want to do, must know about coading.

No, must be qualified.

Advanced Custom Fields. known as ACF and it is easy to use WordPress Plugin to use whole WordPress theme functionality

You would need a domain name and a hosting account (if you don't have these I will assist you). I will also need your logo (optional), names & no. of pages, text about your website/company, e-mail address to configure the form, Design which you want me to make a theme on it(optional)


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